French compliments for women

I was thinking about writing a list of compliments for men to use on women when I had a strange idea! The French people are one of the most romantic and brilliant wordsmiths in the world, they are very known for their poetry and literary works, their language is romantic and creates passion in women almost immediately, and I happen to know French!

In fact just a little bit, I’m not French, I’m Dutch, so, I may make some mistakes in the translation, however, I’m going to try and provide you with the best French compliments for women, these are simply marvelous and are very attractive.

They are a mixture of eroticism and poetry, and women go crazy for them.

Here is the page where I got most of them and you can try to translate them for yourself, but let me remind you that the French language is a bit complicated and can be confusing a little bit:

  1. 1.       The first French compliment to say to a woman is ” Tu as la peau douce”

This compliment simply means in English “your skin is so soft”, you should use it whenever you are touching her and looking at her eyes.

  1. 2.       The second compliment in French is ” Avec toi, je me sens pousser des ailes”

This one is very romantic and inspiring; it simply means that “with you, I feel I can do everything”

  1. 3.       The third one is ” Tu es vraiment différente”

In English it means: “you are truly different”

  1. 4.       the fourth compliment is ” Tu es très féline”

This compliment is a little naughty and also extremely playful, it translates as follow “you are foxy”

  1. 5.       The next compliment: ” Tu as un charme fou”

And it means “your charms are beyond description”

  1. 6.       The sixth French compliment for women is ” Quand tu n’es pas là, c’est plus pareil”

And it means “things are not the same when you are not around”

  1. 7.       And the seventh compliment is ” Tu as vraiment la taille mannequin”

In English, it means “you look like a model”

These are the best French compliments to use with women in my opinion, of course, there are many others and I will keep updating this post with as much compliments as possible, however, before I finish, I need to give you a little tip on how to use them on women.

I really advise you to learn how to pronounce them in French, and whenever you are with a girl, simply tell them to her!

Tell them in French, and trust me, I do this a lot when I’m in London and girls simply start giggling and cannot understand what is going on!

Trust me, the French language is amazingly sensual and sexy for using in conversations and whenever you use it the right way, it’s going to attract women a lot.

So, my advice is to learn how to pronounce these French compliments for women in a natural way and then tell the girl about their translation in English!

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